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Wanderlust - Tourism Booking Management

Wanderlust, definition: "a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about".

The freedom to rove and travel about is a great past time, but can create a headache for any tourism company to manage. The variations and modifications to individual's and group itineraries can be vast.  Being able to keep on top of these details easily, can be the difference between providing exceptional customers service and getting a bad review on 'Trip Advisor' that everyone hears about.


Providing a well managed holiday from start to finish not only provides happy customers who return, but also one they wish to share their positive experiences about, through word of mouth and social media.

Wanderlust is an easy to use tool for managing: multiple day, multiple client, multiple client experiences and allows organisations to operate from multiple locations, eg: Head Office and a Depot/field location.

The requirements of each location have been refined based on extensive industry knowledge. 

Throughout the booking process efficiency has been the goal.

  • Fill-down options streamline repetitive data entry whilst allowing individual client selections for customisation.

  • On-screen dynamic filters display outstanding payments, current and up-and-coming bookings, deposits due.


Bookings are the hub of Wanderlust, so their ease of use is paramount.  They elegantly contain all of the relevant information in a manner that is clear to understand and extremely easy to use.

Each booking is identifiable by a unique booking reference.  These are broken down with monthly and annual coding to quickly filter within search criteria and reporting. Likewise the numerous other search options mean it's simple to locate any booking, fast. 

The status of a booking determines its inclusion within certain reporting options.

Integrated documentation means there is no need to leave the booking to locate necessary paperwork:

Quotes, Internal booking reports, Finance details, Luggage labels, Bag transfer reports, Rental agreements are all just a mouse click away.


Clients are all unique... so catering for their personal criteria can be an involved process.

Simple selection options and visual aids help to manage the important aspects of a clients booking tailored to their needs.  Whether that's relating to their dietary needs, height, age, nationality, contact information, billing etc.


Rooms, rates, seasonal tariffs,  effectivity dates, pax per room, extra beds, rate increases mid season...

Sounds like a lot of detail to manage!  

Wanderlust can handle all of this. There is even a customisable 'grace' period where exisiting quotes can have their rates held at the advertised price when rates go up mid season.

It's easy to determine the number of nights/pax booked for any timeframe, at any particular accommodation provider using on screen enquiries.


Booking a client onto a specific time/location shuttle is easy.  And clearly indicating if a bike is also being moved is a very simple process.  When standard shuttles times are not going to work for individuals or a whole booking, then customised shuttle entry is an option.

Turning all these bookings into a useful format for the shuttle driver is huge time saver.  Driver manifests are just one of the ways this shuttle booking information can be output in a useable format.  Real time visual details help office/booking staff understand the status of planned and committed shuttles.

Shuttle rate management is easy with seasonal effectivity dates.


Wanderlust offers the booking of bicycles, panniers, chilly bins as part of a regular booking.  Clients can select ​from a range of bicycle models and heights.  Even selecting one model bike for a certain number of days before swapping to a different model.  This is commonly used when renting an 'e-bike' for a portion of a holiday before swapping to a regular bike for the remaining days.

Bike and equipment rentals can be reported on by depot staff in order to plan for up and coming bookings.


What holiday is possible without luggage?

Clients have the option of having their luggage moved between the accommodation locations they are staying at. Whether that's a standard provider or a customised address. Luggage labels and shuttle manifests ensure the right bags are moved to the right place on the right date. Additionally any luggage not required on a daily basis, can be moved to the client's final destination on the last day of their booking.

Other Activities

Up-selling additional activities within a booking can be a profitable way of increasing the overall value of a booking.

With customisable Other Activities loaded into Wanderlust, it's an efficient way to add 3rd party provider options to a booking.  Again these are seasonally managed to allow for alterations to price.  With time and date selections.

Technology ...

As with any solution technology is required...  

In the case of Wanderlust, it's based on a cloud-hosted arrangement.  Meaning there is software installed on your individual computers which have secure encrypted SSL access to a hosted database on a virtual server. 


Alternatively, it can be hosted on your own server.  Details would be explained during the scoping phase.

Client testimonial ...

The final iteration of the booking programme (Wanderlust) developed by Tanya at Creative Technology has now been completed in time for the coming season.  The level of detail this is now delivering far exceeds our original specifications and expectations.  


This,  combined with the degree of sophistication and friendly ‘look’ of the programme provides us with an asset and business tool that takes us to a level of professionalism that reflects well on us.

The development of this database driven booking engine has been developed with a huge attention to detail and the complexity far exceeds the commercial off the shelf offerings. The finished product reflects the preparedness of Tanya to get deep into our business and our booking detail and then create an elegant outcome that belies the complexity.

Geoff Gabites - Managing Director, Cycle Journeys

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